5 Ways to Attract Millennials & GenZ to Your Event

Posted on: April 5th, 2018

Depending on the source, there are differences about the exact year in which Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Z begin and end, and there is overlap between them. But on average:

  • Generation Y is often defined narrowly as people born in the early 1980’s.
  • Millennials are often defined as those born between the mid-1980’s and 1995-2000. Generation Y and Millennials are often used interchangeably.
  • Generation Z is often defined as “post-millennials,” meaning they were born sometime after 1995-2000 and before now.

Based on these assumptions, today’s 20-somethings are Millennials and GenZ, and they are a very aware, diverse, and global group. They are interested in their surroundings and attracted to making a difference, both professionally and personally. They are changing the way business has always been done because their expectations of the world are different, and this is influencing the behavior of the generations before them. If you are a Generation X, did your parents assimilate into your 1980s culture? Probably not. But, are your parents now assimilating by having smart phones, texting, using social media, and sending you emojis? Probably. That is the impact that GenZ is having on previous generations.

Knowing that Millennials and GenZ have some very high expectations of the world, here are a some of ideas to integrate into your events:

Give Back

Millennials and GenZ have tremendous social awareness, and they believe in charitable causes and going green. Include social activities like packing backpacks for schools or team-building activities like assembling bicycles for underprivileged children.

Peer Involvement

Millennials and GenZ really enjoy working together in groups and crave connectivity (not just the wireless kind). Companies like Google and Apple have developed work spaces that allow people to work collaboratively. Think about initiating “Bring a Work Friend” for younger or first-time attendees at a discounted rate to tap into their need for social connectivity (which also helps you boost attendance and reach).

Bleisure (Business + Leisure)

Millennials and GenZ have a diverse set of interests and behaviors – keeping them trapped in hotel ballrooms all day will typically not be appealing. Bleisure gives attendees an opportunity to explore the city where the event is being held. This can be accomplished through offsite activities and sponsored events at local theatres, museums and other local attractions.

Formal Parties/Events

Believe it or not, this group really enjoys dressing up. Think about reinventing the formal cocktail party or black-tie awards dinner in a way that appeals to this desire, while not alienating the GenX’ers who shelved these types of events.

Social Media

It’s no surprise that Millennials and GenZ are very connected, however integrating the right social media is key. While Facebook and Twitter and a bit dated for this group, Snapchat and Instagram are more inviting. To integrate social media into your next event consider utilizing one of the following services: https://taggbox.com/socialwall/, https://luster.cc/mosaics/, or http://www.livewall.co/features. Not only are you able to get them involved with these services (feeding their need to be connected), but you will be able to track their participation as well (feeding your need for metrics and results!).

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Article written by Mark Steinmetz, National Account Manager at IMS.