6 Reasons to Consider A Content Management System

Posted on: February 5th, 2018

Maybe you’ve heard of the internet and intranet, but have you heard of a “sneakernet”?

That’s the term for when data is transferred by physically moving storage media, like a USB drive. Sometimes it’s faster to physically carry a hard drive from one location to another than try to transfer it over a network. (In one September 2009 test, a messenger pigeon carrying a 4 GB memory stick over 60 miles was faster than a DSL internet service provider).

Thankfully in the case of meetings, presenters don’t usually have PowerPoint files that are several terabytes. So why do many big events still have presenters physically carrying a USB drive to their session room? Here are some reasons to consider an event content management system, or what some call speaker concierge services.

Connect speaker ready room to session rooms

The most basic feature of event content management systems is that presenters or staff can load presentations in the ready room or elsewhere, and the files are immediately available in session rooms.

Instant and universal updates

Should an update need to be made after files are uploaded, a change in one place means the file is updated anywhere you access it on the network.

Collect and confirm

Files can be validated / checked for errors by default when they are uploaded. If your organization has required disclosures and agreements in place, the system can make sure that they are signed before presentations may be uploaded.

Display info on digital signage

Information entered into the platform can be used to drive digital signage – the displays can sync and change as often as room presentations do, displaying info like presenter name, picture, and presentation title.

Session recording

Event content management systems can be used for slide capture and audio recording.

Online library

With a content management system you have a digital archive of the materials collected – potentially presentations, abstracts and captured lectures. Content is searchable and can be used for CME accreditation / eLearning. Where appropriate, content may also be monetized.

An event content management system allows for a single tool to manage content before, during and after your event. If any of these features sound appealing talk with your AV partner for more information and recommendations!

Article written by Greg Kamprath, National Account Manager for IMS Technology Services