360 Lab Tour: A Productions Case Study

The Situation

The client had a desire to exhibit the layout of various manufacturing and virology laboratory spaces in their Philadelphia location. Due to the extremely sterile environment, it was not feasible for physical touring by outsiders and the amount of detail was too much for standard photography to capture.

The IMS Productions Department was approached to create an ultra-high resolution, 360 degree, interactive video tour for each of the 5 laboratory spaces. The final product was initially to be used at an industry trade show event 3 weeks away, and then permanently visible on their public website.

The IMS Solution

Due to the complexity of this project, each step of the process was defined; from scheduling the site survey, specifying the gear for the shoot, listing crew names for security purposes and outlining the phases of shooting, coding and IT implementation.

This breakdown was posted in an Online Client Project Portal, where each client participant could login and follow the progress of the phases that involved them. This portal allowed each user to post status updates, upload files, comment on the actions of others and see the completion of tasks and milestones. This was highly beneficial to all, as a single source for project communication without overwhelming all parties with email chains and attachments.

Shooting 360

After the initial site survey, IMS returned with two photographers for the shoot, one for the 360 stitching shots and another for capturing client requested B-Roll and stock photos of various pieces of equipment. Each lab had it’s own sanitation standards, which necessitated the shoot crew to dress head to toe in sanitary lab gowns and gloves.

As the shoot took place, the client saw that various elements of the labs would need to be removed from the final product. These included power strips, extension cords, mail bins and instructional stickers on the doors of some of the storage areas. IMS provided the raw photos to the client in PowerPoint format, which were then returned with markups to indicate areas to clean up/remove in post-production.

In addition, several lab technicians were brought in during the shoot to demonstrate how the equipment was used. Due to the photography process some of these had to brought in after the main shoot was finished and inserted digitally in the final 360 tour.

The Result

The resulting 23,000 x13,000 pixel stitched images were supplied to the client coded to allow the 360 product to be viewed locally (via thumb drive), online or via Android/ iOS mobile devices.

The code was initially tested and hosted on IMS’ own dedicated domain (www.3hundred60.com), then transferred to the clients web hosting solution.

The end result was a definite win for the client, who was extremely happy with the professionalism, process, quality and fast turn around of the 5 laboratory tours. Plans are now in the works for creating 360 tours of the laboratory spaces in 8 additional facilities nationwide.

360 Photo Sphere

The 360 Degree Photo Sphere from IMS is a cutting-edge interactive tool for Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Malls, Zoos, Art Galleries, Parks and Restaurants. The ability for each user to manipulate their own perspective of the environment around them is the ultimate user-created, personalized experience that opens up a whole new dimension of bringing the world to life.


It has been widely used for Tourism & Travel promotions, Conference & Exhibition Center marketing and University Campus tours – anyone who is looking for new, fresh ways to allow customers and clients to experience the world in rich color and supreme detail on the web, at events or on mobile devices.


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.26.57 AM

Exterior Landmark

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.18.15 PM

BioTech Space

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 6.30.55 PM

Commercial Warehouse

This immersive, ultra-high definition capture of your space can be fully customized with:

  • Links to other Photo Spheres for a multi-space Tour

  • Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.04.45 PM

    Integration with Google Maps

    Full Integration with GoogleMaps

  • Customized Branding, Landing Pages and URLs

  • Text Info, Photo Galleries, Video playback and even directional audio embedded within the Photo Sphere

  • Navigation buttons and external links.

  • Links via aerial Floorplan

  • FishEye or MirrorBall viewer effects

IMS can also provide:

  • Hosting on our dedicated 3Hundred60.com sever

  • Html5 code for use on external websites

  • Mobile Device Integration

  • Photoshop fixes and clean-ups

  • Resolution up to 20,000 pixels (as opposed to Google’s 6,000)

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.54.39 PM

Interior/Exterior Link

IBC 360

Independence Blue Cross

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.09.03 AM

Interior Gallery Space


Learn more about 360 photo spheres



Case Study:

IMS utilizes multiple linked Photo Spheres for a Philadelphia-based biotech firm to present their high-tech lab facilities at trade shows, conferences and on-line.


I am writing to express the thoughts of those at WuXi AppTec who recently had the pleasure of working with you, and IMS Technology Services in support of a 360 virtual tour project of laboratory and manufacturing facilities, for use on our company website. From project initiation, through execution and completion, the team of professionals at your organization met our highest expectations. WuXi AppTec looks forward to future creative partnerships and it would be my pleasure to grant you a standing recommendation to anyone in need of IMS services.


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.07.32 AM


I am writing to express the thoughts of those at WuXi AppTec who recently had the pleasure of working with you, and IMS Technology Services in support of a 360 virtual tour project of laboratory and manufacturing facilities, for use on our company website. From project initiation, through execution and completion, the team of professionals at your organization met our highest expectations. WuXi AppTec looks forward to future creative partnerships and it would be my pleasure to grant you a standing recommendation to anyone in need of IMS services.


Creative Production Trends for Meetings/Events

As everyone knows, talking heads and basic PowerPoint presentations at meetings are almost extinct. EVERYONE (not just Millennials) wants to be entertained and be brought personally into the meeting experience. This has been proven to be most effective with carefully planned video pre-production and on-site live streaming. It is crucial to work with your AV/Video Production team at the very beginning stages so that you get the best possible ROE – Return on Experience – for your meeting attendees. Some video options may include making the once a year meeting live on for the entire year through the use of professional video production, or planning for video conferencing to engage attendees who cannot attend in-person.

Many surveys over the past few years have continued to note increasing trends in technology integration in meetings. Streaming video, web conferencing and on-site video production are typically the most common uses. Some less common but very impactful forms of video production include video projection mapping, augmented reality, and interactive video.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping can be as extravagant as you can imagine, but it doesn’t take much budget to transform a room into a unique environment with stock video elements. Perfect for promoting a theme for awards dinners, galas and product launches, you can use a wide variety of video looks to cover walls and ceilings, which is more immersive and engaging than conventional lighting. The next level is 3D objects and set designs for the ultimate in WOW! Factor; projection mapping on 3D objects and set designs is truly a sight to behold.

What is a Show Opener Video?

Typically a fast-paced video piece designed to energize your audience and prepare them for the day’s events. Your video production partner can create dramatic, attention-grabbing videos with graphics, text and live video.

What is a Walk-Up or Sizzle Video?

Very brief snippets of video designed to accompany or introduce a special guest, award winner or presenter as they make their way to the stage. Especially useful for events where a large number of people are presenting and bios would rather be seen than read on-stage.

What is an Interactive Video?

A great way to engage attendees and reveal a special theme or logo beneath a “scatter video” which can be on a floor, a wall or a trade show booth.

What is a 360 Video?

a 360 video is a cutting-edge interactive marketing and informational tool. The ability for users to manipulate their own perspective creates the ultimate user-created, personalized experience that opens up a whole new dimension of bringing the world to life. It has been widely used for tourism and travel promotions, conference and exhibition center marketing and university campus tours. Explore some 360 tour videos

One caution about video production: keep it brief. People are much more likely to view a one-minute video to completion than a two-minute video. With the popularity of Snapchat, Vine and Instagram and with more and more video being consumed on smartphones, this trend has serious staying power and gives longevity to meeting content.

Article written by Donna Baldino, Global Account Manager at IMS.


Free Download: 4 Focus Areas for Creating Effective and Memorable Videos

Effective video content has the ability to deliver substantial and memorable impact on its viewer, but it can also be a double-edged sword, as your audience may remember you for the wrong reasons if your content is not impactful. Thoughtful and deliberate planning and strategy are required elements in creating a relevant, creative and engaging video that your audience remembers for all the right reasons.

This eBook provides you with a four-part structure to help you plan and design an effective and memorable video for your audience.

Cutting-Edge Technology At West Chester University Prepares Students For Real World

IMS is proud to have provided much of the presentation and collaboration technology inside this high-tech flagship building for West Chester University of PA! Check out some of the cool tech showcased in this piece by CBS 3 KYW-TV!

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — West Chester University is the flagship of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and now, they have a new building that puts them on par with some of the best colleges in the country.

This is the new Business and Public Management Center. What makes it so special?

Joshua Dandridge, a senior at West Chester University, says, “Coming in here, it’s super conducive to the modern age. A lot of the furniture you can move around, so it’s pretty valuable, and the big thing is definitely the group rooms.”

Brittany Smeltz, a junior, adds, “It really helps the students change their environment and gives them the ability to interact with their classmates, with their professors.”

The dean of the business school, Jeffrey Osgood, says the brand new building is setting students up for the real world.

“Most of the design features of this building mimic what students will find in their workspaces as they go out into accounting firms and they go into management firms,” Osgood said.

Gary Coutu is an associate professor in the Department of Geography and Planning. He says the interactive classrooms allows students to create and show off their work in real time.

“This is the design studio. That used to be a pen and paper studio. Now, its all digital. We do 3-D modeling, we do virtual reality, that’s all part of planning,” Coutu explained.

Coutu finds the VR headsets take his lessons to the next level.

Original article on CBS

2016 Year in Review: Experts Corner

Experts Corner: Set Design Begins with Concept Drawings


Erik Davis, IMS Creative Events Director, recreates a meeting room on-screen to begin the set design process.


Experts Corner: Video Editing


Tim Wingert, IMS video editor and production department coordinator, shows how (and why) video footage is edited.


Experts Corner: Dramatic Lighting Effects


Scott Parker, IMS Director of Lighting, speaks with Gary Crawford from CITC about dramatic new lighting options for meetings and events.


Experts Corner: Projection Mapping


IMS Creative Director, Charles Luyt, explain how projection mapping was used to bring a unique venue feature to life at The Phoenixville Foundry.


Experts Corner: LED Walls vs Projection Screens


IMS Director of Video, Kevin Casperson, explain the differences between LED walls and projection screens, and how to know which to select for your events.


Experts Corner: Event Lighting Tips


IMS Lighting Director, Scott Parker, share tips and tricks about event lighting concepts, including the proper placement of lighting gear to highlight the presenters on stage.

4 Ways to Engage Attendees in Breakouts

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your breakout sessions by increasing engagement, and interactivity between attendees and course leaders, consider utilizing these technologies.

Throwable Mics

Adding elements of surprise, fun and interactivity… all while keeping attendees on their toes is an easy task achieved by implementing “throwable mics” into breakout sessions. Think of Popcorn Reading … or a game of catch in a work setting!! This product is incredible for ice breakers, is much more social than a mic stand in the middle of the room and gets individuals speaking that normally wouldn’t, adding valuable insights to your discussions. Catchbox is a brand that we recommend and it can work in ranges up to 300’ for the Pro Option. This interactive tool increases concentration of your attendees and engagement. Did I mention they can be branded with your company logo and colors?!

Presentations In-The-Round

If you have dynamic presenters that you want in the audience building rapport with attendees or collaborating with them in work groups, try presenting in-the-round for breakout sessions! You can take the engaging presentation style that typically is reserved for a General Session into your Breakout Sessions. This type of seating configuration works best in square shaped rooms, as opposed to rectangular.  Rooms with columns or other sight obstructions are also not ideal for this format. Utilize monitors if you want to save on floor space, and if that becomes a budget issue, consider projection. Please consult your AV team when looking to employ this type of session configuration.

23 Things You Need to Ask and Know About Presenting  In-The-Round


Presentation Displays

IMS has written about Sharp Aquos boards before, but their application into breakout rooms can be extremely impactful, allowing both presenters and attendees to interact with a presentation. A Sharp Aquos monitor allows one or multiple users to interact with presentations like a whiteboard at the front of the room, allows up to 50 devices to mirror the presentation, allows presenters to hit the web and pull up multiple sources that they would like to present … it is a completely open platform. Touch Display Link 2.0 gives attendees the ability to provide insights instantaneously on a topic by marking up the presentation or adding a point right from their seats. If 50 devices isn’t enough for your breakout session, consider a single iPad on a tabletop stand so that different work groups collaborate on points and then present them to the group. The monitors come in sizes up to 80”, but if this is too small for your attendance size, ask your AV team to mirror the presentation on larger content screens.

Touch Display Link 2.0 demo, as well as a full capabilities demonstration of the monitors.

Mirroring the presentation onto a larger presentation screen.

Attendee-Generated Content

An idea to consider is generating content created by attendees in breakouts for your general sessions. It is a way to keep attendees on their toes and concentrating, knowing that their ideas could be on the large screens in front of the entire group. Attendees wanting to get noticed, make an impact within the organization or get their name/brand out there will jump through hoops to provide refreshing insights. If you have multiple concurrent breakouts consider making work groups per table, and have each breakout room select the session winner. The winner can upload the presentation or notes to a file-sharing service so that it instantaneously goes to your corporate communications team or your production partner to go-live. You could even have a live video production team scheduled to create video snip-its of the winning presentation groups sharing their solutions or insights. Select the most impactful points, and you have content generated by the attendees on your content screens. To take this a step further, have attendees vote on their favorite take-aways via an audience response system (ARS). Video clips gathered can then be pushed out to social medias, your website, to attendees at large or could be repurposed for marketing next year’s event!


To employ these ideas or others into your next event, please contact your IMS Technology Services Representative or Julie Renninger.

Future Technologies for Events

Ground-breaking innovations are around the corner: robot bartenders that receive orders via apps, 3-D printing models, self-driving cars that drop off attendees and park themselves, augmented reality for meetings, and combining video projection mapping with audio. All of these technologies are either here right now, will be available to planners soon, or are on the drawing board of meetings industry visionaries.

Robotic Bartenders


Robotic bartenders may be coming to an event near you soon!  The Bionic Bars on some Royal Caribbean cruise ships are fun to watch as they create and mix up drinks to the beat of high-tech music, but many companies are creating cost-effective robot bartenders that may be making their way into event plans soon.

3-D Printing

Last summer, the United Arab Emirates National Innovation Committee and Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, unveiled a project to 3D print an entire office building, including the furniture.

In May 2016, the world’s first 3D-printed office was completed in Dubai. According to 3DPrint.com, “In only 17 days the building was 3D printed. One top and bottom unit were fabricated, showing off an incredible feat in new office trends. The Emirates Towers premises will house this temporary office of the Dubai Future Foundation which has all the usual conveniences integrated into the design such as electricity, water, telecommunications and air-conditioning.”

The finished and furnished building was officially opened last week. This finished space is intended to be “used as meeting space to initiate communications between parties from all over the world.”


Combining Video Projection Mapping with Audio

See this three-dimensional video projection mapping demonstration set to music – one of the many exhibits at the recent Event Trends 2016 Showcase at the Phoenixville Foundry.

Self-Driving Cars

There’s a lot of promise and opportunity associated with self-driving cars, but there are also a lot of concerns. The technology is still being developed and tested, so workarounds for some of the problems might be created, but the system is not perfect at present. According to Auto Insurance Center there are several pros and cons to self-driving cars. Here are just a few:

PRO: According to Eno Transportation, self-driving cars in large numbers participate in a process known as platooning, which would significantly improve traffic conditions and congestion. This would help to reduce commute times for drivers in high-traffic areas but also to maximize on gasoline usage. Meeting attendees can benefit from this by reducing stress and prepare for the meeting while traveling and still have a vehicle at the meeting venue.

CON: In order for a computer to operate a vehicle, a lot of information would have to be stored on the software. Some individuals have expressed concern about the opportunity for a computer built into the self-driving car to collect personal data.


A medium.com article earlier this year explored how holograms will impact the future of meetings, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality will both play a critical role. The article predicts “Where remote meetings will thrive is with AR. With AR lenses, you’ll be able to see your partners face and integrate their bodies in your current world.”

Want to learn more about Augmented Reality?

Fill out the form below to download our Ultimate Guide to Augmented Reality to learn how it is transforming events, marketing, branding, customer and end-user experiences, and corporate operations around the world, including 27 real-world examples of how companies are using it as a game-changer.

Article written by Donna Baldino, National Account Manager for IMS Technology Services

Independence Blue Cross

I want to express my appreciation for your organization’s exemplary service and commitment to enhancing IBC’s business communication through the use of technology. It’s amazing to think that we’ve been successfully partnering since 1996.

How well IBC Employees communicate with one another is a direct reflection on how successful we are as an organization. IMS is a true 360 degree solution for IBC. Our Executive Team and I entrust only one service provider for AV Rentals, System Design/Integration & Service… IMS. My Account Team listens to and anticipates my needs, they educate me on industry trends; they save me time, function as my trusted advisors and ensure our product is of the highest quality.

IMS Event Staging is an extension of my team both on-site and when my clients host events at conference centers, hotels or other local venues. Last year alone, Julie and Jeff managed 20+ duplicate events all over Pennsylvania for our Marketing Team when I didn’t have the bandwidth to be everywhere at once. They kept pricing, point of contact and service level consistent throughout the series and most importantly… our Marketing Team didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and re-explain our event to each venues’ AV Team. This team has also been valuable in supplementing my installed systems when scope is more complex than what the systems were designed to manage and they have transformed non-event venues into excellent event experiences. Overall, I always feel confident referring my clients or other BCBS companies to IMS Event Staging because they manage events flawlessly.

IMS’ System Integration team is truly visionary, often anticipating pain points and pivoting before they become large-scale issues. I work very closely with them, making sure integrations and installations go smoothly and often invisibly, as IMS is always willing to work around our busy weeks, often coming in on weekends to do installs so our customers and executives aren’t impacted.

IMS’s Service Department has become the first call I make when there are issues with equipment, even before my own in-house team. Their response time and level of service is honestly unmatched in the industry, and that means a lot coming from someone that’s been in the industry for over 30 years.

Jill & John, thank you both for your continued support of IBC and of my Team. I look forward to many more years of successful partnership.

Allan Myers Huddle

Ten Techs Trending Now!


The future of event staging technology will focus on engagement, personalization, augmentation and collaboration. Attendees already crave the ability to work smarter and more productively together. Building stronger personal connections while being able to navigate through clutter and non-relevance is ever-present. The need to WOW an audience never left, but is evolving faster than many can adapt. Creative design has shifted to digital, augmented or virtual displays that lessen carbon footprint. While the need for live events will never go away, many industry innovators are focusing on new approaches to remote participation at an event. Fast-forward 1-5 years and you will have probably experienced each of these below listed Ten Techs Trending Now!

  1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): RFID uses electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in radio frequencies to uniquely identify an object. For example, name badges at conferences could be used to generate statistics on which attendees visited which exhibit booths, who was in each meeting track – how long they attended, or when they left the room. These statistics provide event managers insight into attendees interest and engagement level. If needed, it can be used to welcome each attendee on a large display as they entered a room, also providing personalization opportunity and allowing for enhanced networking amongst the guests.
  1. Augmented Reality (AR): AR is a disruptive technology changing the way humans interact with the world by enhancing reality using everyday smart devices (iPhones, Androids, iPads). AR allows a user to point a smart device camera at an object and the image is overlaid with digital content (IE video, graphics, audio, text, PDF, web links, social media integration). AR is being used for real-time training and to provide the most up-to-date information, to decrease the cost and carbon footprint of messaging, for location services, to strengthen communications and brand recognition, to appeal to millennials and to provide campaign analytics and strategic intensify insight selling. AR is the new bridge between what physically exists and the limitless creativity of imagination and YOUR marketing Strategy!

  1. Surround Sound: Surround sound is not new technology by any means, but is less frequently incorporated into a corporate event type setting. In conjunction with an ad agency, IMS recently provided services where attendees were asked to vote on the next meeting destination, and visuals of a horserace were projection mapped around the room with surround sound following the race in real-time. Attendees felt as if the horses were racing around them.
  1. Interactive Display Surfaces: Displays that allow presenters and attendees to interact with content is being incorporated in both breakout rooms, networking/tech/social media lounges and general sessions by leaps and bounds. Interactive displays allow presenters to mark up a presentation with notes, zoom in and out of charts, formulas and other graphics. They allow groups to actively collaborate with one another, lessen the carbon footprint of your event and they appeal to a young, tech-driven audience more so than a cluster of flipcharts or a tripod screen.


  1. Self-standing, wireless, video walls: Why print banners that are static and stale? PixelFlex manufactures a self-standing, wireless video wall. There is no need to have power or cables run to it. Just select your images, videos, graphics and display your message!
  1. Robotics: A company called Double Robotics now offers a 2-way telecommunicating iPad on a stand with wheels. The far end attendee has the ability to control the motion of the object and the view of the camera from her remote location, see and hear what is happening on the other side. This could decrease costs for travel, F&B and lodging for greeters at events, Q&A in a Tech Lounge or Exhibit Hall… all while decreasing carbon footprint.

  1. 360° Video Streaming: Video streaming was an emerging technology… forever ago. However, today streaming video with a 360° view of an event allows a remote user to experience a performance or presentation in a way that many of us never have.
  1. Programmable LED Props or Effects: For Mega-Events, large performances or for dramatic effect companies like Glow Motion and TLC Creative are creating environments that bring people together through imagination and memorable experiences. These techs can include RF Communication, Friend Finding features, Proximity effects, strobing and fading, color matching, logo display and manipulation and some technologies can be linked with mobile apps.

  1. Holograms and Holographic Computing: Producing holographic scenery that can be experienced during a live event setting can be tricky to say the least… most notably ensuring that the venue is conducive. An emerging technology that could change the way consumers experience holographic “mixed-reality” is being developed in Microsoft Studios called HoloLens. Microsoft is developing the world’s first and only fully untethered, fully holographic computer. This tool can be used for gaming, entertainment, productivity, design, or entertainment.

  1. Boundary-less Collaboration & Presentation Tools: A new technology called FocalCast allows presenters to give presentations from any SmartDevice onto any digital display surface. The technology is not limited by what device they’re using, or the teleconference software being used. It can connect all FocalCast enabled devices for enhanced productivity, to teach, to learn and collaborate in shared workspaces. FocalCast enables live collaboration on any tablet, mobile device, PC or videoconference system with no downloads or plugins.

We hope you found these technologies interesting. Please reach out to us to let us know what you think or for assistance in implementing at your next event!

Article written by Julie Renninger, National Account Manager