Creative Production Trends for Meetings/Events

Posted on: March 30th, 2017

As everyone knows, talking heads and basic PowerPoint presentations at meetings are almost extinct. EVERYONE (not just Millennials) wants to be entertained and be brought personally into the meeting experience. This has been proven to be most effective with carefully planned video pre-production and on-site live streaming. It is crucial to work with your AV/Video Production team at the very beginning stages so that you get the best possible ROE – Return on Experience – for your meeting attendees. Some video options may include making the once a year meeting live on for the entire year through the use of professional video production, or planning for video conferencing to engage attendees who cannot attend in-person.

Many surveys over the past few years have continued to note increasing trends in technology integration in meetings. Streaming video, web conferencing and on-site video production are typically the most common uses. Some less common but very impactful forms of video production include video projection mapping, augmented reality, and interactive video.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping can be as extravagant as you can imagine, but it doesn’t take much budget to transform a room into a unique environment with stock video elements. Perfect for promoting a theme for awards dinners, galas and product launches, you can use a wide variety of video looks to cover walls and ceilings, which is more immersive and engaging than conventional lighting. The next level is 3D objects and set designs for the ultimate in WOW! Factor; projection mapping on 3D objects and set designs is truly a sight to behold.

What is a Show Opener Video?

Typically a fast-paced video piece designed to energize your audience and prepare them for the day’s events. Your video production partner can create dramatic, attention-grabbing videos with graphics, text and live video.

What is a Walk-Up or Sizzle Video?

Very brief snippets of video designed to accompany or introduce a special guest, award winner or presenter as they make their way to the stage. Especially useful for events where a large number of people are presenting and bios would rather be seen than read on-stage.

What is an Interactive Video?

A great way to engage attendees and reveal a special theme or logo beneath a “scatter video” which can be on a floor, a wall or a trade show booth.

What is a 360 Video?

a 360 video is a cutting-edge interactive marketing and informational tool. The ability for users to manipulate their own perspective creates the ultimate user-created, personalized experience that opens up a whole new dimension of bringing the world to life. It has been widely used for tourism and travel promotions, conference and exhibition center marketing and university campus tours. Explore some 360 tour videos

One caution about video production: keep it brief. People are much more likely to view a one-minute video to completion than a two-minute video. With the popularity of Snapchat, Vine and Instagram and with more and more video being consumed on smartphones, this trend has serious staying power and gives longevity to meeting content.

Article written by Donna Baldino, Global Account Manager at IMS.


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