Meet the Team

Jill Savoy Renninger

Education: Widener University.

First Job: Administration in my Dad’s office.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Never let customers down, whatever it takes! Proactively refine business operations and procedures to create a culture that is based on performance and accountability.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Attention to detail and maintain an excellent work ethic.

Yardstick of success: A family that is healthy, happy and secure.

Goal yet to be achieved: To help every IMS employee reach their fullest potential through effective professional development and training.

Judgment Calls
Best Decision: Hiring the right people for the right job. My greatest joy in business is to help our employees develop to their fullest potential.

Worst Decision: Hiring a person who lacked a good work ethic or was not the right person for the job, which consequently let down their fellow employees.

Toughest Decision: Returning to work full time and finding the balance between family and IMS.

Mentor: My parents who have lived the American Dream. They have achieved great personal and business success through hard work, honesty, and commitment. They instilled a belief that honesty and hard work are what a person is measured by.

John H. Renninger

Education: University of Delaware.

First Job: I had a paper route at 10 years old which helped develop my entrepreneurial spirit. I worked in a garden center loading and unloading trucks at age 13 which helped develop my work ethic and a strong back.

First “Real” Job: Xerox Corporation – Facilities Management Coordinator.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Exceed the customer’s expectations without exception.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Hire the very best talent and create a team environment that will empower them to contribute to their fullest potential.

Yardstick of success: See IMS grow in concert with the changing and expanding needs of our clients. We still service many of the same clients that started doing business with us in the mid 90’s albeit with significantly different products and services than we delivered to them in the early years.

Goal yet to be achieved: Constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision of being the absolute best in the industry. We can and will achieve this by delivering operational brilliance in all aspects of the Company in order to exceed our client’s expectations for every event, project or engagement that they entrust to us. Never settle for the status quo.

Judgment Calls
Best Decision: Starting IMS with Jill.

Worst Decision: I held a multitude of different positions within a fortune 500 Company from Account Representative to Product Launch Manager to Division Manager to National Director of Training. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity and ultimately the experience provided to me however, my biggest regret is that I did not get involved with IMS sooner. I am passionate about our team, our clients and the opportunities and challenges in our Industry.

Toughest Decision: Back in the big company days, having to make the choice on who stays and who goes during a reduction-in-force. This experience has emphasized the importance of managing our tremendous growth at IMS and positioning the proper employees with the proper opportunities.

Mentor: My father; He showed me that you do business in a manner in which your word is golden, and your actions support your word.

Personal Interests: Enjoying time with my family, travel, riding wave runners, Texas Holdem Tournaments, golf, music, exercise and reading.

Paul Wedesky, CASE, CMP
Chief Operating Officer, Event Staging

Education: Southern Illinois University

First Job: Delivery “helper” for a family owned Italian Foods Store when I was 13. Taught me how to count back change from a $20.00. A valuable lost art.

First “Real” Job: Soldier – US Army

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Never break a promise. Always deliver more than you promise.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Passion. If you love what you do, your clients will too.

Yardstick of success: 3 great children and a wonderful wife.

Goal yet to be achieved: Leading IMS to new heights.

Judgment Calls
Best Business Decision: My current position as COO at IMS and working with the team to continue to build a great company.

Worst Business Decision: Corduroy Suit…it was the 80’s.

Toughest Business Decision: Working in an industry that takes me away from my family.

Mentor: I’ve had many mentors in my life and in my career, but I always look back to my Dad as my greatest influencer.

Personal Interests: Family time at our lake house in East Texas, boating, ATV’s, board games. I also fell in love with motorcycles at the young age of 45 and ride whenever I can.

Troy Hassis
Vice President of Sales & Marketing – Systems Integration

University of Maryland and USAF veteran

First Job: Mowing lawns starting at age 10 helped me develop a strong work ethic.

First “Real” Job: Account Executive at Comcast Metrophone.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Deliver on every commitment and exceed customer expectations.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Hire the best talent in the industry while investing in employee development and growth. It’s the only way to stay one step ahead.

Yardstick of success: Net new sales growth while maintaining your existing client base.

Goal yet to be achieved: Deliver the best solutions for our clients’ communication needs. Lead IMS into the future by developing the best in class sales organization in our industry. You have to always be evolving.

Judgment Calls
Best Business Decision: Leaving a Fortune 500 and taking this position with IMS.

Worst Business Decision: Changing jobs for all the wrong reasons. Money shouldn’t be the only factor.

Toughest Business Decision: Laying off an entire sales team based on corporate restructure.

Mentor: My father taught me a great number of things. For one, life isn’t always fair. You have to work hard and fight for what you want. Struggles along the way make you stronger.

Personal Interests: Family, athletics, coaching, cars and the shore.

Anthony P Grassia Jr. CTS
VP of Production Management

Education: Cabrini College.

First Job: Working in my church’s rectory answering phones and serving dinner.

First “Real” Job: McManus Enterprises, Installed Audio Service Technician.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Nothing is impossible to achieve.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Having an all-encompassing team with the best talent and maintaining an environment that will allow them to contribute to their fullest potential both with knowledge, experience and creativity.

Yardstick of success: Returning clients and recurring events. Clients who will move mountains to work with my team.  The look on an attendees face when they are leaving the event space rejuvenated and energized because our clients message was delivered above and beyond their expectations.

Goal yet to be achieved: To have all our processes streamlined and documented to maximize our efficiency and quality of life.

Judgment Calls
Best Business Decision: Joining IMS in 2004.

Worst Business Decision: I’d like to think I haven’t had one yet.

Toughest Business Decision: Leaving Las Vegas and coming home. It was tough then but I know I made the right decision.

Mentor: My father; He showed me that your words and actions create integrity and integrity is hard to sway from. He taught me to stay strong and if you decide and commit you will always succeed.

Personal Interests: A great family, a great career, a great attitude, and a greater appetite!  Who wouldn’t want to live this way!  Also shooting, golf, the great outdoors or in reality gardening.

Kip Myers, CTS
VP of Operations

Education: Gloucester County College.

First Job: Working on various farms in High School.

First “Real” Job: Owner/Operator of Hybrid Audio Systems.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Get the job done!

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Stay ahead of the technology curve with training and talent.

Yardstick of success: Continued growth in the business while maintaining happy customers and employees.

Goal yet to be achieved: Operational brilliance.

Judgment Calls
Best Business Decision: Coming to work at IMS.

Worst Business Decision: Doing business with friends. It never works out. Lesson learned.

Toughest Business Decision: Hiring new employees is tough for me. I often interview people that I like but they are not qualified for the job.

Mentor: My parents taught me how to be a strong person and yet still be compassionate.

Personal Interests: Family time, fishing, golf, and vacationing.

Keith Moss, CTS-D
Vice President of Technical Services – Systems Integration

Education: University of Delaware.

First Job: Building sculpture with my father starting at age 10.

First “Real” Job: Independent Audio Engineer/Musician/Producer.

Business Philosophy
Essential Business Philosophy: Under-promise and over-deliver.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Professional development and training that includes new technologies and industry trends.

Yardstick of success: Department growth coupled with improved product quality and maintaining clients.

Goal yet to be achieved: To develop the best and most efficient engineering department in the communications integration industry. To deliver the best solutions for our clients’ communication needs and create the most comprehensive engineering package in the market place. Lead IMS into the future by adopting new technologies wisely and effectively adapting to industry trends.

Judgment Calls
Best Business Decision: Taking a position with IMS.

Worst Business Decision: Starting my own AV Company with the wrong people. The company was profitable in its first six months but the stress of dealing with the legalities of bad business partners caused me to shut it down.

Toughest Business Decision: Leaving the studio and rock & roll business to join the corporate world.

Mentor: I have three major mentors that have helped me grow. My father taught me how to do a great number of things that help in all facets of my life. My older brother Marc taught me how to play guitar, run a recording session, and the basics of electrical engineering. I have learned more about the installation industry from Frank Lihotz, our Senior Systems Engineer, than all other avenues combined.

Personal Interests: Family, playing guitar, recording music, movies, art, athletics, and restoring my 145-year-old money pit of a house.